About Browels

Browels has been delivering quality identification products to help protect loved ones for over 30 years. Since our beginning, we have specialized in high quality customized stainless steel medical ID bracelets, chains and pet tags. 

Our medical ID bracelets are used by individuals and residents in hundreds of long term care homes across Canada and the United States to identity key personal information as well as highlight medical conditions and/or medication requirements.  

We provide several attractive and refined styles of tags and chains and use jewelry grade stainless steel in all our stainless steel products. Optional colored discs can be added to bracelets to draw attention to specific allergies or other vital medical conditions. Medical ID bracelets are also available in high quality vinyl. 

Browels also provides customized, quality pet ID tags to help identify and keep you pets safe. We have various tag styles to choose from, and all of our pet tags are made of attractive high grade stainless steel with engraving that is easy to read. 

Each medical ID bracelet, ID necklace and pet tag is hand crafted and individually inspected to ensure the finest quality in every product we deliver. 

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and prompt, friendly service. Each stainless steel ID tag carries a lifetime warranty against breakage or excessive wear. 

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