Medical ID Bracelets

Medical ID BraceletsAt Browel’s, providing quality identification (ID) products to help protect you and your loved ones has been our goal for over 30 years. We provide ID solutions to identify key medical conditions, nursing home residents and children, as well as pet and specialty tags. Since our beginning, we have specialized in high quality, durable, customized and affordable ID bracelets, chains and tags that are both refined and attractive.

We use jewelry grade stainless steel in our ID products, or we can provide you with a medical ID tag made of high grade vinyl. Each medical ID bracelet, child alert bracelet, or ID necklace is hand crafted and individually inspected to ensure only the best possible product is delivered to you, our customer.

We guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with our quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and prompt, friendly service. Each stainless steel ID tag also carries a lifetime warranty against breakage or excessive wear because, at Browels, we stand behind our products!  



Pet ID Tags

Pet ID Tags from BrowelsAt Browels we also help keep your four legged family members safe with customized identification tags. We have various tag styles to choose from, and all of our pet tags are made from attractive quality stainless steel with engraving that is easy to read. 

Unlike pet tags from instant machines in pet stores or the discount tag websites, that often do not hold up under normal wear, Browels' stainless steel pet ID tags are durable with long lasting engraving. Every pet tag we sell has a lifetime guarantee against wear.