Resident or Office Nameplates

Attractive customized nameplates for resident room or office identification. 

Sample 2" x 8" Door Namplate 

All nameplate information is printed using a high resolution print technology that binds the ink to the surface of the metal or plastic nameplate surface.  The finished product is extremely durable, scratch and UV resistant. Any information, color, image or photo can be printed to meet the style of the care home and/or resident requirements. 

Oak Door Sign

Sample 2" x 8" Door Nameplate in Slide-in Holder





  • Custom printed to your care home’s or residents’ requirements
  • Can include a simple room number and resident name, or be personalized to include resident photos
  • High resolution image printing
  • Aluminum, polyester, stainless steel materials, and custom colors available
  • Custom and standard sizes are available
  • Standard sizes can be ordered with a wall mounted slide in plate holders
  • Door nameplates can be easily affixed to any surface using available double sided adhesive tape
  • Tags can also be printed for numerous applications including to identify residents' possessions and care home inventory 

Contact us for Special Care Home Pricing

For more information on our resident door nameplates or other tag or namplate printing applications please contact us at 1-888-849-5874 or by email at  We would be pleased to review your requirements and provide you a price quote.