LTC Frequently Asked Questions 

What is included with the medical ID bracelet price? 

Pricing includes the stainless steel bracelet – tag; chain and clasp, engraving, painting (optional) and sizing to each facility’s and resident’s requirements as per the customer order. Shipping/handling and applicable taxes are extra. 

Is discounted pricing available for LTC Facilities?  

Yes, Browels provides discounted pricing of up to 50 percent for long term care and healthcare organizations. Volume pricing is also available on initial large orders of 100 or more bracelets and for multi site care home orders.  Please contact us for details. 

What are the shipping options? 

We use Canada Post to ship bracelets across Canada. Optionally, we can use a courier service if the customer prefers. Postage or shipping fees are based on the order size and weight. Browels’ manufacturing facility is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.           

What is the process to order bracelets? 

Ordering bracelets is simple. We provide you with guidelines as to the engraving parameters – including number and length of fields per side, and suggested bracelet sizing.  On the initial order we review the customer’s set-up for engraving and bracelet sizing to ensure that the requirements are correctly understood.  

Are there any specific instructions for the first order? 

The initial resident list for an LTC facility order, typically for a larger number of residents, can be delivered as a Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet or on a form provided by Browels. This list should include the resident information to be imprinted on the tag and size of the resident’s wrist.  Standard bracelet sizes and guidelines are provided by Browels for sizing male and female residents.  

What is the best way to communicate new orders?

Purchase orders and communication of new resident orders by e-mail is preferred, fax orders are also accepted.  A 1-800 number is available for contacting Browels by phone.

What payment options are available?

Browels will invoice your LTC facility for any bracelets ordered. Terms are net 30 days. Payment can be made by cheque, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard).  

What is the typical turnaround time for new orders?  

Our objective is to turn-around and ship orders within 14 calendar days (10 business days, excluding stat holidays) for regular orders, and 21 calendar days (15 business days, excluding stat holidays) for orders over 100 units, from receipt of order.  Depending on production schedules we can expedite orders based on the required volume.  

How do I know what bracelet wrist sizes to use for my residents? 

Standard sizes fit woman’s 7¼” wrist and man’s 7¾” wrist.  We add ½” to the wrist size for comfort making the finished sizes 7¾” for women and 8¼” for men.  We will custom size any bracelet. There is a small fee for each bracelet returned for resizing.

What information can be included on bracelets?

Bracelets can include general resident/patient information on the front of the bracelet tag (e.g. name and room number, facility, phone number) and/or medical conditions on the back of the tag – numerous combinations are possible.  All characters on bracelets will be engraved in upper case (Capital) letters.  Four lines of information are available on each side of the bracelet tag.  Each line can include up to 17 characters per line (including spaces).

Can lettering on bracelets be highlighted?

Engraved letters on the front side of the bracelet can be filled with red or black paint for no additional charge. 

Is there a way to highlight key allergies or other vital medical instructions?

½” diameter discs are available in seven colors — blue, red, black, green, gold, purple and stainless steel as flags to highlight allergies, diabetic or other vital medical instructions.  These discs can be engraved with letters (e.g. “D” – diabetic; “DNR” – do not resuscitate, or “A” – Allergies) to indicate a special condition or instruction.  Additional charges apply for each disc plus any required engraving.  Please contact Browels for details. 

Are there other bracelet options available?

For people who cannot wear stainless steel bracelets we also offer a waterproof vinyl bracelet.   

Are the ID bracelets hypoallergenic? 

Our stainless steel tags are made from Type 304 stainless steel for durability. Type 304 stainless steel is the material often used to make products such as cooking appliances, pots, pans, and flatware. Type 304 (18-8) contains a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Some people with allergies to metals may have problems wearing stainless steel. For residents that cannot wear stainless steel bracelets we also offer a waterproof vinyl bracelet.