Long Term Care 

Long Term Care Facilities who need ID BraceletsBrowels has been servicing the medical ID requirements of long term care and healthcare providers for over 30 years.  Our customers include: long term care facilities directed by regional Provincial/State, Federal and Municipal health operations across Canada and in US; major and smaller private LTC service providers; as well as, ethnic and religious care facilities in all Provinces in Canada. 

Practical & Economical Medical ID Bracelets

Browels stainless steel medical ID bracelets provide LTC facilities a cost effective, trusted solution to resident identification - enabling quick identification of residents and their medical conditions. Our medical ID bracelets are priced to meet healthcare budgets, and assist LTC facilities to meet accreditation standards for resident/patient identification.

Attractive & Comfortable to Wear

LTC residents are provided with an attractive, hypo-allergenic, non-institutional looking bracelet which is comfortable, fitted and attractive to wear. 

All bracelets are made of durable high quality surgical stainless steel which does not fade, tarnish or wear out with use and/or exposure to water. 

Tailored to Your Requirements

All Browels ID bracelets can be custom engraved and fitted to meet each facility’s and patient’s requirements at no additional charge. 

Bracelets can include general resident/patient information on the front of the bracelet tag (e.g. name and room number, facility, phone number) and/or medical conditions on the back of the tag – numerous combinations are possible.  Engraved characters can be painted in red or black to highlight information.  

Optional colored discs (attached to the bracelets) are available to enable LTC staff to quickly identify allergies or other vital medical conditions. Browels also provides optional waterproof quality vinyl bracelets available for residents with very tender skin or allergic reactions to stainless steel bracelets.

Discounted Pricing to Meet Healthcare Budgets

Browels offers discounted pricing to all Long Term Care, Nursing Home and Healthcare facilities. Discounted pricing of 40 percent off the retail price on our stainless steel bracelets (excluding taxes and shipping) is available for both the initial and ongoing orders. Call us today for a quote on medical ID bracelets for your facility.

For More Information or How to get Started

If you are interested in more information on Browels Medical ID Bracelets for your care facility or want to know about our preferred pricing and how to get started please call us at 1-888-849-5874 or click here to e-mail us today… 


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