Pet ID Tags

Pet ID Tags from Browels

Pet ID tags can save your pet’s life. If your pet gets lost, an ID tag is the most effective way to ensure it gets back to you, its owner. 

Browels has been manufacturing customized quality pet ID tags to help identify and keep four legged family members safe for over 30 years.

We have various tag styles to choose from and all of our pet tags are made of attractive high grade stainless steel with engraving that is easy to read. 

Unlike pet tags from instant machines or the discount tag websites, that often don’t hold up under normal wear, Browels stainless steel pet ID tags are durable with long lasting engraving.  

Each tag order is custom engraved to your requirements. At minimum, we recommend you put your pet’s name and your phone number on the tag. The person who finds your pet will be able to comfort them by name and contact you to pick them up.  

For more information on our pet ID tags see the recent article on the benefits of stainless steel pet ID tags, or click here to build your own pet ID tag or to view our selection of tags.

If you prefer contact us and we can take your order by e-mail or phone.