Pet Stores & Veterinary Clinics 

Pet Stores and VetsBrowels pet ID tags are available through Pet Stores and Veterinary Clinics, including independent stores and major chains, across Canada. 

Provide Pet Owners a Durable Practical Pet ID Solution

Our stainless steel pet ID tags provide a quality, cost effective pet ID solution for Pet Shop owners and Veterinarians to offer customers looking for a trusted way to identify their pets and their medical conditions. 


Various Pet ID Tag Styles and Custom Engraving

All Browels pet ID tags includes customer engraving on the front and/or back of the tag, and can include general information (e.g. pet name, owner’s emergency phone number) and/or medical conditions – numerous combinations are possible.  Engraved characters are painted black to highlight information.  

Our durable high quality stainless steel tags and chains, that do not fade, tarnish or wear out with use and/or water. 

Pet Stores and Veterinarian Clinics interested in Browels ID Products

Our pet tag resale program is simple to get started and to manage, and provides a cost effective, value-added service to customers.  For more information on selling Browels ID products at your Pet Store or Veterinary Clinic, please contact us 1-888-849-5874 or click here to e-mail us today


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