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Browels has been delivering quality identification products for long term care and to help protect loved ones for over 30 years. Since our beginning, we have specialized in quality customized stainless steel medical ID tag bracelets, pendant chains and pet tags

Our current product line includes:

Medical ID Bracelets for Long Term Care Residents – to identify residents of long term care facilities and any allergies, medication requirements and medical conditions they may have. 

Customized medical ID bracelets are available in durable, attractive stainless steel and quality vinyl. All bracelets are custom engraved to the LTC facility’s and resident’s requirements, and sized to fit each resident.

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ID Bracelets and Chains for Adults and Children – to provide general identification should they become lost and/or have difficulty communicating; or to identify any allergies or medical conditions.

Various styles of bracelet tags and chain pendants are available. Our most popular style is made of attractive, jewelry grade stainless steel. All tags and pendants are custom engraved and bracelets and chains are sized to your requirements.  

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Pet ID Tags – to identify your pets should they become lost – identifying their name, owner contact information and any medical conditions.  

A variety of pet tag styles are available.  All pet tags are custom engraved and made of attractive, durable stainless steel. 

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Professional Trade ID tags – ID tags to identify licensed/certified professionals (e.g. gas fitters) on equipment installations - indicating the professional’s name, certificate/qualification number, and other information.  

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